NeoPost IS-280c Franking Machine
NeoPost IS-280c Franking MachineNeoPost IS-280c Franking MachineNeoPost IS-280c Franking Machine


Desktop franking for small businesses

No more queuing at the Post Office. No more guessing the correct postage. No more running out of stamps. The Neopost IS-280c can be re-credited on-line with postage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Business Benefits

Accurately calculated postage avoids over-stamping or risk of surcharges. Printing an external return address on your envelopes can avoid wasted mailings — Royal Mail will return any undelivered mail so you can keep your mailing lists up to date. A Neofunds account means you can pay in arrears for postage. Lease a franking machine for £16.99 per month

Easily calculate the right postage every time with the Postage Rate Wizard and integrated scale. With a franking machine and MyNeopost account there is no need to queue at the Post Office for stamps – simply purchase postage on-line 24/7.

Monitor, track and control your postal expenditure and receive low ink alerts with MyNeopost, our on-line service. MyNeopost also allows you to order ink and supplies on-line.

Franked mail simply looks more professional than stamps. Digital ink-jet technology gives a clear imprint every time, giving a good impression. Promote your company by overprinting envelopes with marketing messages, logos or slogans.

NeoPost IS-280c Franking Machine


▪ Weigh platform - 2kg scale, 1g increments 
▪ Maxium envelope thickness - Up to 8mm
▪ Job imprint memories - Up to 9
▪ Connectivity - LAN
▪ Advertising slogans - up to 10
▪ PIN number security - up to 10
▪ Incoming mail date stamp - Yes 
▪ Account reporting and control - up to 10 departments 
▪ L X H X D - 316mm x 194mm x 225mm
▪ Weight - 2.9kg