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Panasonic DP-MB311 Multi-function printer | Digital Solutions Ltd

Panasonic DP-MB311 Multi-function printer

High-speed, cost-effective business machine

The DP-MB311 multifunction printer is a high performing machine with new WiFI connectivity that allows for remote and mobile printing from handheld devices.

With an extra tough body construction and a high yield 8,000-sheet toner cartridge, the DP-MB311 delivers high-speed duplex with a maximum duty cycle of 100,000 pages – ideal for large businesses where extra high-volume printing is required every day.

This combination of high performance, rich features and long duty cycles mean the DP-MB311 delivers a very low cost-per-copy – with a highly positive impact on your total cost of ownership.

High-speed duplexing Printing on one side of a page can be wasteful and inefficient. That’s why the DP-MB311 features duplex printing capability. Conventional A4-size multi-function printers invert the pages one at a time, resulting in slow performance and poor productivity, but the DP-MB311 comes as standard with high-speed duplexing, making it possible to print both sides at virtually the same speed* as single-side printing.

*With the DP-MB311, duplexing productivity is 93%.

WiFi and Gigabit connectivity
The DP-MB311 features a WiFi (and Gigabit) connection, giving you fast access to network-based operations without the necessity of a cable connection.

Users can also carry out mobile and remote printing from handheld devices like smartphones or tablets. You have the option of using a mobile print application or Google Cloud Print to print from your mobile devices.

Secure printing
The DP-MB311 is able to scan documents as password-protected PDF files, accessible only by entering a password into the machine. So highly confidential documents and forms can be created easily, and important information safeguarded.

Easy address book management
Thanks to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), the address book on the DP-MB311 doesn’t need to be edited. Instead, you can access details such as email addresses or fax numbers that are registered in directory databases on your network and send them directly to the device.

Eco mode
A dedicated ECO button is located on the control panel. When selected, the ECO button enables two energy-saving functions. First, the duration before the printer enters power save mode is set to one minute. At the same time the 2-in-1 and duplex copy modes are automatically set, effectively reducing both paper and power consumption.