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Panasonic DP-MB537 Multi-function printer | Digital Solutions Ltd

Panasonic DP-MB537 Multi-function printer

Representing the high end of Panasonic’s market-leading multifunctional printer range, the uncompromising MB500 series brings you unwavering quality, versatility and durability, whatever the daily demands of your business.

Combining the compactness of an A4 body with A3 printing capabilities, multiple function modes, and built-in Wi-Fi, we’re delivering superb printing flexibility, wherever and however you need it.

Thanks to large-volume paper capacity, and superior scan, copy and print speeds, the MB500 series is the ultimate cost-saving and productivity-enhancing solution for fast-paced enterprises, large or small.

Generous paper allowance
The MB537 boasts a capacity of up to 1,200 sheets, reducing the hassle of endless paper replacement, for a more efficient way of working.

Small body, large output
Although possessing the space-saving body size of an A4 printer, the MB537’s multipurpose trays cater for a wide range of paper sizes – from a small A6, all the way up to A3. So whatever the proportions of your print job, you won’t have to waste time and energy on manual paper changes.

Swift and easy
Whether in simplex or duplex mode, the MB537 is able to print and copy at speeds of up to 36 pages per minute, while innovative features offer pre-programming and double-sided scanning, amongst other functions. Time spent at the printer is reduced. Productivity is increased. And usability couldn’t be easier.

Exceptional durability
Despite a sizeable monthly print volume of up to 150,000 pages, the model remains as secure and solidly reliable as its lower-output contemporaries.

Printing on the go
Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and a USB port, documents can be directly printed from or scanned to flash drives, or mobile devices using the cloud, for truly seamless printing, anytime, and anywhere.

Extremely cost-effective
Rapid duplexing, the ability to scan separate documents onto single pages, long-life drums, and high-yield toner cartridges, mean significantly reduced paper and ink consumption, drastically decreased day-to-day operational costs, minimal maintenance requirements, and a lowered total cost of ownership.